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We aim to prepare the young generation for the challenges!

The "Smart Cities for Young Generations #SecureGreenDigital" project is gaining momentum!  With the support of the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Program and our partners, including the FERI Education, Development, and Innovation Foundation, EDU SMART Training Centre D I A L O G of Transformation, Green Industry Foundation, Gaia Cluster, and Smart Secure Networks, we can collaborate to shape the future of smart cities together!

The project focuses on key areas of #cybersecurity and #intelligentcity #management, which are becoming increasingly important in the digital era.  We aim to prepare the younger generation for the challenges and opportunities brought about by the development of digital skills, the building of a digital society, and the use of open data in intelligent management.

Why should you be interested in the Smart Cities for Young Generations #SecureGreenDigital project? It opens up new career opportunities in the fields of cybersecurity and intelligent city management! The knowledge gained will enable the acquisition of practical skills necessary in today's dynamic work environment.  Stay updated on the project's progress



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