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Smart Cities for young generations.
Secure, green, digital

The aim of this project is to support educators in providing young people with digital and green economy knowledge and skills in the transformation of cities. The project is aligned with the EU's top priorities, as many Europeans lack basic digital skills, and the demand for green skills in the labor market significantly exceeds the supply. Educators and their work with young people play an essential role in the process of building the potential of young people.

To achieve these goals, the project focuses on the Smart City concept. Smart City is a technology-driven approach to managing urban areas, including transportation, communication, utilities, and services, with the goal of improving quality of life, reducing costs, and promoting sustainable development. Smart City is a sine qua non condition for ensuring that residents can live safely, including through cybersecurity (one of the EU's priorities). The "Digital Europe" program aims to increase the common level of cybersecurity across the EU. One of the priorities of the program is the promotion and widespread implementation of state-of-the-art cybersecurity practices.

In addition to cybersecurity, open data is also an essential component of Smart City. Public sector entities produce, collect, and pay for vast amounts of data known as public sector information (PSI). "Open" public data is data that can be easily accessed and reused, sometimes under non-restrictive terms. The project emphasizes the importance of young people's access to knowledge and skills in this area as part of the activities for digital transformation.

Furthermore, the project highlights the critical link between Smart City and the priorities of the European Green Deal. Smart, digital solutions are crucial for implementing climate neutrality and making economic growth independent of the consumption of natural resources. Digitization is a tool to introduce a green economy.


The project aims to increase educators' competence and awareness in the use of intelligent digital technologies to achieve climate goals resulting from the European Green Deal strategy.

Our Goals

  • Increase awareness of digitization and the Smart City concept among educators.

  • Provide learning paths for young people in the professions of the future.

  • Raise digital competences and awareness of open use culture among educators.

  • Create tangible outcomes such as training materials, lesson plans, and case studies.

  • Increase educators' competence in using intelligent digital technologies for achieving climate goals.

  • Foster a network of educators for collaboration and sharing best practices.

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