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The "Smart City for young generation" project #SecureGreenDigital is also making waves.

Youth Word of the Year 2023, with over 140,000 votes cast, #Rel claims the crown!  The "Smart City for young generation" project #SecureGreenDigital is also making waves

 Cybersecurity,  Green Deal, and  Open Data are not just trendy phrases anymore – they are keys to the future!  Picture a world where educators are equipped with the perfect training program to empower YOU with knowledge about the essence of Smart City!

 Our mission? To create the ultimate training program for educators, enabling them to deliver education on the core aspects of Smart City across the EU.  And that's not all – youth training programs in Cybersecurity, Open Data, and Green Deal are already in the works!  The project is carried out in collaboration with the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Program and a team including FERI Foundation, EDU SMART Training Centre, D I A L O G of Transformation, #Green_Industry_Foundation, Gaia Cluster, and Smart Secure Networks!

Ready to unlock the potential of Smart Cities?


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