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Nurturing Digital Citizenship and Cybersecurity in Smart Cities

Today in Tarnów we met with our partners form Ireland and Poland. Spanish Parter has joined us online this time.

This meeting is part of our international project co-funded by the European Union 🇪🇺

We discussed the completion of the Educational Materials of the WP3

Digital Society & Cybersecurity.

Between August 1st and December 31st, as described in the original schedule, educational materials for two courses were created: ✅ cybersecurity and ✅ digital societylopen data.

These materials were created as originally foreseen to create set of the materials that will be used for testing, pilot courses that will be executed within Action 2 of this WP.

A special focus was made on the didactic approach in creating the materials, weight put on the critical thinking, activating of the youth in the courses and underlining the green aspects in the course of the digital society/open data to include also green mobility aspect in it but also differ aspect of the digital solutions that can be used in the smart city.

Also the initial design of the online platform that will be used for the training courses as an extra developed material, has been presented, discussed and approved for execution.

Smart City for young generation is based on innovative technologies are the key to the digital and green transformation of the Polish economy. Smart cities are not only gigantic technological projects implemented in large metropolises by well-known companies. It is also primarily small implementations that really improve the quality of life of residents and will allow the implementation of solutions appropriate in cities in order to create a SMART CITY.

Thank you to all partners for your contribution! See you in April in Bilbao Spain 🇪🇸 and in September in Ireland 🇮🇪 Dublin

FERI Fundacja Edukacji, Rozwoju i Innowacji, Narodowa Agencja Programu Erasmus+

Smart Secure Networks - lider 🇵🇱

Teresa Orzechowska

Marek Ostafil

Agnieszka Łasut

EDU SMART Training Centre D I A L O G of TransformationEDU SMART D I A L O G Transformacji (Irlandia 🇮🇪☘️🇪🇺)

Aleksandra Marcinkowska

Julia Marcinkowska

Fundacja Przemysłu Zielonego 🇵🇱

Marcin Gzyl

Anna Olszówka

Renata Fijałkowska

Gaia Cluster 🇪🇸

Cristina Murillo

Jon Mitxelena


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