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Meeting of the project team in Bilbao.

The #GaiaCluster team, EDU SMART Training Centre D I A L O G of Transformation, Green Industry Foundation, and SSN met this time at the GAIA branch in Bilbao to summarize the next stage of work in the "Smart Cities for young generations #SecureGreenDigital" project. 🌍🔐

Thanks to the support of the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Program and our partners, such as FERI Foundation for Education, Development, and Innovation, EDU SMART Training Centre, DIALOG of Transformation, Green Industry Foundation, Gaia Clusterr, and #SmartSecureNetworks, we are preparing the young generation for the challenges of the digital world! 🚀

During the meeting, which took place last week, we shared experiences from the project implementation, discussed progress, and prepared for the next steps. Representatives of partner organizations evaluated the work done so far in preparing educational materials on digital society, cybersecurity, and green energy in Smart City. 🌱🌐

It was an excellent opportunity among partner organizations to exchange knowledge and experiences and to prepare together for the next stages of the project! 💡 #SmartCities #ErasmusPlus #DigitalTransformation

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