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"Let's prepare for the future jobs shaping up today." - Bill Gates

🌟 "Let's prepare for the future jobs shaping up today." - Bill Gates

The "Smart Cities for young generations #SecureGreenDigital" project is gaining momentum! With the support of the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Program and our partners: FERI Foundation for Education, Development, and Innovation, EDU SMART Training Centre, D I A L O G of Transformation (Ireland 🇮🇪☘️🇪🇺), Green Industry Foundation Gaia Cluster, and Smart Secure Networks Secure, we're building competencies and perspectives for new professions.

👩‍💼👨‍💻 We're developing skills and outlooks for new roles, including: • Cybersecurity specialists in smart cities • Data analysts for urban resource management • Technological innovation specialists in sustainable development • Experts in open data for urban trend analysis

🌱🌍 Educators face significant challenges in the project: • Developing digital competencies in the context of smart cities • Supporting the digital development of young people through innovative solutions • Promoting open data for better urban analysis and planning • Increasing awareness and societal engagement in green technologies and cybersecurity

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Stay tuned, as more information is coming soon!


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