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Headquarters of the Cluster GAIA in Bilbao!

Headquarters of the Cluster GAIA in Bilbao! It was there that we had the opportunity to meet with a team of experts from the Green Industry, Innovations and Technology Transfer Foundation, EDU SMART TRAINING CENTRE LIMITED (Ireland 🇮🇪☘️🇪🇺) , and Smart Secure Networks to summarize our previous work on the educational program for educators in the Smart City project "Smart City for young generation. #SecureGreenDigital," implemented under the National Agency for the Erasmus+ Program.

During the meeting, we conducted an assessment of our previous work and identified the final tasks that we need to complete before finishing the program. We are particularly focused on the areas of cybersecurity, green energy, and open data. We are constantly striving to improve our efforts and have already set the next steps for the upcoming months of work.

We also had a wonderful opportunity to learn about Smart City projects prepared and implemented in the Basque Country. We discovered many good practices and fascinating concepts that serve as great inspiration for our own actions.

With pride, we continue our mission to create intelligent and sustainable cities for the young generation. Stay tuned, as there are still exciting challenges and achievements ahead of us!

Marek Ostafil 🇵🇱

Marcin Gzyl 🇵🇱

Cluster GAIA 🇪🇸


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