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Zespół ekspertów intensywnie pracuje nad kolejnym zestawem kursów w ramach projektu "Smart Cities for young generations #SecureGreenDigital"

 The team of experts is actively working on the next set of courses within the "Smart Cities for young generations #SecureGreenDigital" project. The project is funded by the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme, with the involvement of an inspiring group of partners: #FundacjaFERI, EDU SMART Training Centre, D I A L O G of Transformation, Green Industry Foundation, Gaia Cluster, and #SmartSecureNetwork.

 What's new? During the latest team meeting, we discussed the preparatory work on educational materials, focusing on green digital solutions and closed-loop economy in Smart City. This is just the beginning! Soon, both students and educators will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Smart City through our new courses.

 Follow our progress and stay up-to-date with the latest information about courses and inspiring projects from our partners. -


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